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Sports Massage in Solihull

What to expect

You will undergo a brief confidential consultation to assess the presenting problem, establish how and when the problem occurred and discuss the symptoms in detail.  I will then discuss a strategy with you before beginning the treatment.  You will be offered advice on how to manage and address the problem or injury to ensure a quick and responsive recovery.

A Postural Correction Program will ensure complete structural alignment, so that the body works in the way in which it was designed to. Normal symmetry and alignment guarantees optimal movement.

Your first appointment: what should I bring with me?

Please bring comfortable sportswear: shorts, t-shirts will be fine.  If you have a referral from another therapist please bring this with you.

Does Sports Massage, manipulation and Deep tissue massage hurt? 

Yes, it can, and often does, however your pain tolerance is always considered and constant communication is vital to ensure that the treatment is a positive experience.  Most of my clients will agree that the pain is a “Good pain” which allows you to relax into the experience.  You may experience some soreness after the treatment, but rest assured that you will feel much better for it.

You will feel the benefits immediately. However, breaking down scar tissue, adhesions and chronic tension that have built up over time could take a few sessions to release.  A program combining deep tissue and advanced techniques, stretching, relaxation and postural awareness is recommended.

Regular Deep Tissue Massage can form part of your healthy lifestyle to prevent scar tissue, adhesions and areas of chronic tension from building up.

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